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A dropout on the path to law school and a fresh new face on the Louisiana Country scene, Johnathan Cochran has made 2017 his year. From making his musical debut to occupying opening slots with established artists including Brett Young, Wayne Toups, and The Chee Weez, Johnathan has taken no time off to make his burst onto the scene count. When it comes to his own style of new country, modern is the word that comes to mind. Johnathan has a certain knack for incorporating a familiar contemporary sound with a brush stroke of his own musical stylings. An intricate guitarist, Johnathan likes to remind his listeners that he is more than just a singer and an entertainer; he is a musician through and through. Johnathan loves to use his live show as an opportunity to let his self-proclaimed "smooth and melodic" guitar playing do the talking, and as a showman, he never fails to craft a genuine experience. "Feel good" music never felt so good.

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