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Demo Production


Acoustic demo : $50

Basic Production Demo : $150

Full Production Demo : $250

*Most demos are done within one day, whereas any track which requires extra time is subject to additional rates*

Why us?

As songwriters, we understand that while our budgets are tight, the industry we are in demands great quality content. Most demo studios bring you in, take a couple passes on your song, and you’re out within the hour. We do it a little differently. Being a one man operation, you have a couple advantages. The first is that you are not paying a room full of players, the second is that you have access to spending much more time in getting your song where you want it. Most of our artists bring in a worktape of an acoustic and their vocal. We then build a track around them, all instruments done for you. You can then choose to sing over your track, have it sung by us, or bring a friend in to sing it! You get the care and attention of a mom and pop shop, while simultaneously spending less than you would in a demo studio. In the end, the results speak for themselves.